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We are a travel agency and tour operator based in Basilicata region (south of Italy).

Focusing on Eco-Tourism: Travel and Excursions in Basilicata.

Ivy is the material that, for centuries in our region, men have used during the Satriano Carnival to transform into ‘Rumita’ – human trees, carrying an ecological message: a longing to revive an ancient connection with the Earth. Since 2015, we’ve been committed to sharing this message by arranging trips and excursions in Basilicata, allowing our guests to rekindle their bond with the untamed nature both within and around them.

Ivy Tour was born in 2015, merging Emanuele’s specialized studies in tourism, who is now the technical director of the agency, with the experience of the founders of the Al Parco – the magazine of Basilicata’s Parks, Rocco and Giuseppe.

We also deal with:

  • Study trips abroad
  • Erasmus+ programs
  • European meetings and youth exchanges
  • Business travel

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Emanuele sileo

Emanuele Sileo

CEO / Technical Director of the Agency / Hiking Guide

Rocco Perrone

Rocco Perrone

Incoming Manager / Hiking Guide / Forest Bathing Guide

Giuseppe Sileo

Giuseppe Sileo

Graphic Designer / Hiking Guide / Logistics and Assistance

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